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5 Decisions to Consider If You Are Planning to Buy a Boat to Live In

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If you're thinking about living in a boat, there are a range of expenses you need to consider and choices you need to make along the way. As you get ready to embark on this journey, here are some points to consider.

1. Type of Boat?

You have a lot of options when it comes to boats for sale. You can choose a powerboat or a sailboat. The former gives you more speed, but the latter tends to be less expensive on fuel costs because you can use the sails to traverse long distances.

Of course, you may also want to look at houseboats while you're searching for boats for sale. This option gives you more living space in a lot of cases, but it isn't great if you also want to do a lot of exploring.

2. Financing?

If you've got money saved up to buy a boat, that's the easiest option. However, a lot of people need some help. You may be able to get a loan for a boat, but even if you're planning to live in it, most banks won't give you a mortgage for this type of purchase.

3. Travelling or Moored?

Then, you need to decide whether you plan to travel with the boat or keep it moored. In most cases, you may end up doing a bit of both, but you should make decisions based on what you plan to do more often.

If you plan to put the boat in a marina, remember you need to account for those costs. Typically, there is a monthly fee to use the marina, and you may have to pay an additional fee if you are living on the boat.

4. Climate Considerations?

If you've found a marina in a place with a warm or mild climate, you're fine. You can live on the boat full time and not worry about being cold. However, if you are somewhere that has lower temps, you may need to dock the boat and stay in a rental for a few months of the year.

5. Extra Services?

Finally, you need to plan and budget for additional services. When you live on a houseboat, you may need services such as pumping out your sewage tank, waxing the boat's exterior and paying a diver to clean the bottom of the boat. Remember to keep these costs in mind as you plan your new life on a houseboat.