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Are You Planning to Build a Residential Tennis Court? 4 Tips to Consider

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If you love tennis and have enough space in your backyard, you should consider installing a tennis court. It will bring the fun of sharing a game with friends right to your doorstep and give you an excellent way to exercise and burn off the excess calories. 

However, before you can gain from all the benefits that a good court has to offer, you have to plan well ahead of the installation. Here are four tips that should guide the construction process for you.

Are There Zoning Rules?

The first thing to think about before planning the construction is zoning rules. Check whether you are allowed to create a court in your backyard by the homeowners association. Additionally, you might need to check ways in which a court will affect the neighbouring property. Iron out any of the differences before starting the construction process. 

It might be tough to deal with the differences once you have excavated the ground and started the construction. If the differences become a legal issue, you will lose a lot of time and money.

Do You Have Enough Space?

The other consideration to make is whether you have the needed space to accommodate a tennis court in your backyard. Remember that the type of court determines the amount of space you need. For example, if you want a standard-size court where two people can compete, there are internationally accepted standards. On the other hand, if you do not have enough space to accommodate the regular court, you can make enough for one-on-one matches. 

Please consult a professional before adjusting the dimensions because they will help you determine the best way to reduce them and still get a spacious court to play on.

Have You Picked the Right Tennis Court Surface?

The surface type you choose for your tennis court also matters a lot. The most common materials are cushion courts and Har-Tru courts. Remember that before installing the top layer, you will have to create a concrete surface and also perform underground irrigation.

Have You Picked the Net and Other Accessories?

The best type of tennis net is permanent and installed in parts. Choose one attached to posts which you can remove when it rains to protect them from bad weather.

These are simple considerations to make when investing in tennis court construction. A professional contractor will help you choose the ideal materials, design and other specifications to suit your needs.